Award-winning Easy to do Business team reunited

SYDNEY NSW, AUSTRALIA, – 18 JUNE 2019: EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) recognises the immediate and future challenges local, state and Commonwealth government’s face, as they commit to simplify and personalise customer interactions and transactions with agencies; which is why we’re proud to announce that the team who delivered the award-winning Easy to do Business (EtdB) program have joined the ECC team.

Successfully pioneered and delivered by Ross Peacock ECC’s Chief Executive, the EtdB program was a NSW Premier and NSW Government priority and was sponsored by Service NSW in partnership with the Customer Service Commissioner and the Office of the Small Business Commissioner. The EtdB program supports NSW small businesses which contributes more than $270 billion in annual sales and service income.

“The possibility of growing the NSW economy through job creation and improving government services was an exciting challenge for me and the team; there was also a lot of interest and support from the NSW Premier and Ministers,” said Mr Peacock.

In one of the five industry sectors, the EtdB team achieved significant red tape reduction — from 48 forms and 75 regulations across 13 government agencies to one single digital form, for the cafe, restaurant and small bar sector. The application process was also reduced from 2 years to less than 90 days.

Ross added “performing transactions with government digitally, by reducing the travel and costs associated with needing to physically interact with government agencies, especially for rural and regional small businesses, is a significant benefit in streamlining the set-up process. At the end of the day it is a win win for both business and all three tiers of government.”

“The team could visibly see and learn from customer feedback, that they were making a difference, as NSW became the easiest place to set up and stay in business,” said Ross.

The EtdB team went on to deliver similar solutions for other industry sectors: road freight; print and manufacturing; retail clothing and building construction and in 2017 won the ‘NSW Premiers Award’.

Ross said he is proud key members of the award-winning team have now reunited, “our collective expertise position our unique service offering and insights to public and private organizations across all states and territories, including the Commonwealth Government who will launch Service Australia, modelled on the NSW Government’s Service NSW. We look forward to continuing to support our clients in fulfilling their digital agenda.”


L-R: Ross Peacock (Program Director and Product Owner); Kane Parker (Program Manager, Customer Journeys, Privacy and Policy); Gemma Schlosrich (Stakeholder Engagement).

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