Local councils step-up system reviews

SYDNEY NSW, AUSTRALIA. – 7 June 2019: Local councils are ramping up their technology reviews and audits across a number of their systems, in a bid to secure data integrity for the future.

Director of Cloud Products Ross Peacock said EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) is seeing an increase of work and inquiries from clients, who are keen to assess the risk and reassurance of their data.

“We’re pleased to support a number of local councils and government agencies with this important work.

“Our team have completed a number of assessments and reviews of various system interfaces, including looking at the exchange of data as well as the integration capabilities of each solution,” said Ross.

ECC completes extensive audits of existing software licences and agreements; data sovereignty; data processing; sub-contracting of software as well as providing advice and solutions to mitigate the risks.

The following industry recognised international standards and systems reviews are implemented:

  • ISO 22316:2017 – Security and Resilience, Organizational Resilience, Principles and Attributes
  • ISO 31000:2018 – Risk Management.

Ross continued, “ECC are equipped to conduct market assessment of Enterprise Integration offerings and technologies that are suitable for the various requirements across local councils, government agencies or any client for that matter.”

ECC’s team of software experts help clients achieve visibility of their systems and operations for the benefit of sharing knowledge, for security considerations, performance, availability, authentication, system-of-records and for the purpose of providing direction.

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