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Closing the Employment Gap with Social Enterprise Partnerships

AUSTRALIA, 6 November 2020: The EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) team are pleased to announce four new partnerships with Social Enterprise companies, in a bid to close the resourcing gap and increase inclusive job opportunities for all Victorian’s.

Kane Parker Director of Strategy & Customer Success said new partnerships were established with WISE Employment, MatchWorks, Indigenous Employment and Streat, following mutual discussing in fulfilling ECC’s engagement resourcing gaps and supporting all people to return to work.

“I’m really proud of the culture we have created at ECC. Our diverse team have different ways of thinking and ideas. A great measure of our culture is that we value everyone’s input and support all ideas.

“In asking the team how we fill our flexible resourcing needs, we discussed the opportunity of casting our network further afield to social enterprise companies in a bid to enhance the opportunities we have, as well as to continue our reach for a diversified team and a truly inclusive culture,” said Kane.

ECC is an Australian award-winning cloud, transformation and digital services company is expanding its team to meet future technology demands for transformation services and cloud platforms.

Social Enterprises support people from different walks of life by providing access to meaningful roles and supportive work environments that are focussed on the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as people with disability.

“ECC is seeking to fill approximately fifteen engagement roles across the state. These roles are important in supporting our team and focus their efforts to deliver better engagement opportunities locally within Victoria.

“We want to attract enthusiasts with a friendly and positive personality. The right people will enjoy meeting with and talking to the public and business owners. These roles are available right across the state, at various times and dates and durations.

“Our team want to return our appreciation to people who may feel disadvantaged. It also helps to foster and promote our own leaders, to enhance their experience of supporting all people from all walks of life,” said Kane.

Contact ECC’s Social Enterprise Partners

WISE Employment

Aspendale, 1800 685 105,

Belgrave, 03 9767 8350,

Box Hill, 03 8843 5003


Highton, 1300 13 23 63,

Indigenous Employment Partners

Carlton North, 0400 587 348,


Collingwood, 03 9629 4222,

Or for more information, you can reach us at


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