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Delivering Change and Transformation in Government

SYDNEY NSW, AUSTRALIA 25 NOVEMBER 2019: EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) has enjoyed recent successful delivery of some of the State’s most complex employee-and-customer led campaigns.

Marketing and Communications Group Executive Gemma Williams said the campaigns were co-developed with government agency leadership teams, corporate communication directors and their teams, with the aim of reducing disruption to services. 

“Over the past few years, I have been part of a team driving complex critical campaigns, from the introduction of the new government agency Service NSW; two bargaining campaigns that supported better employer and employee outcomes; a university change model and the important rollout of a new government app for small businesses,” said Gemma.

ECC provides detailed change plans that complement the business environment using our co-design change and transformation methodologies that align to program outcomes and benefits. As outlined in our ECC Change and Transformation Model below, we manage our practices using project management and leadership methodologies. Our advisory services, strategies and coordination of c-suite activities capture engagement at the right level, using the right mix of tools.

ECC Change and Transformation Model

“Our clients are managing complex change and transformation programs while juggling competing existing priorities and initiatives.

“I am really proud to work we do. Together with our clients, we’re able to clearly map a pathway (and options) that support campaign goals and company vision, bringing greater authenticity of message and purpose for the audience,” said Gemma.


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