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Digital Food Reform Co-Design Achieves 97% Acceptance with Local Councils

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, 4 August 2020: An exciting project has been delivered by EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) as another state-wide consultation cloud technology project is set to reduce duplication, remove red tape and provide an enhanced digital experience for Victoria’s food regulators and retailers, using smarter integration and intuitive workflows.

Ross Peacock Director of Digital Products, Services and Cloud Solutions was engaged by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to support facilitate over 50 workshops with representatives from 79 councils that included Environmental Health staff, small business policymakers roles, subject experts, food safety regulators, industry and DHHS staff.

“We put together a comprehensive and inclusive workshop program to enable an optimised collaboration and co-design environment for councils.

“Together, we explored ideas and agreed on standardisation. We worked towards prototypes so we could collectively agree on consistent processes on how regulatory activities could be managed within a digital solution, under the Food Act 1984 and other legislation.

“Our engagement with DHHS and local councils reached 100 per cent attendance and over 97 per cent acceptance from all 79 councils,” said Ross.

ECC has extensive cloud development and technology services, coupled with proven transformation experience. The award-winning team has been recognised by NSW State Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the Australian Prime Minister, for their work in reducing red tape restrictions for small businesses when transacting across three levels of government thanks to their highly successful “tell government once” initiative.

“Our team has enjoyed great success in delivering one of Australia’s first fully integrated digital regulatory solution for start-up or growing small businesses in New South Wales, which is fully compliant and integrated across three levels of government,” said Ross.

ECC’s experience in simplifying food regulation for government and customer

In delivering this latest project for Victoria, ECC is pleased to support the DHHS on their proven approach and methodologies, with the goal to bring together the federal, state and local agencies, so the customer can transact more easily with the government.

  • ECC’s experience in co-design and prototypes embeds consistent processes to deliver consistent outcomes for small business, and as a result achieves business appreciation, addressing Reform 3 (SBRR).
  • ECC recognises that regulatory requirements are complex and often changing. Technology solutions enable government, and their teams to guide customers in compliance through providing trusted and friendly workflows and user experiences.
  • ECC co-designs and co-creates the right digital solutions across public and private clients in Australia, using a range of enterprise solutions, transformation expertise and industry certified products.


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