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ECC Future Proofs Digital Australia

MELBOURNE VIC, AUSTRALIA 28 February 2020: Our Australian award-winning company team are supporting the future digital user demands, through expanding our teams, services and cloud platform offerings.

ECC has been working with some of Australia’s leading educational institutes, telecommunication businesses and government agencies, to help clients, and their customers transition to a future sustainable digital workplace.

“Clients are experiencing a constant pace of digital change and they are looking to our teams to help them realise their future digital forecast,” said Ross Peacock, ECC’s Director of Cloud Products.

ECC’s critical key areas of investment are: People, Process, Technology and Customer, which shape and serve their core technology services, which includes the return to work Covid-19 safe apps; Governance, Risk and Compliance;  ServiceNow cloud platforms and Workforce Planning.

“We’re investing heavily into client teams through our in-house workshops. Our people are drawing upon their digital transformation experience to help inform client decision making and product understanding.

“We’ve delivered some really innovative projects, which help teams manage workflows more easily and brings visibility of assets, organisational savings and costs. 

“The right investment into the right technology solution is about looking further than immediate needs.

“Our teams provide scalable technology options, which meet client needs as they seek easier and faster solutions that support and manage the entire customer life cycle and future journey,” said Ross.


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