At ECC, we help organisations accelerate their digital transformation by unlocking human potential and realising strategic value earlier. We do this by tailoring solutions that transform complex processes into streamlined workflows for each industry sector.


ECC is committed to helping government and the community to create better health and economic outcomes for all Australians. We are doing all we can to reduce the workload for frontline workers in Australia. Our health based digital products reduce administrative burden for health professionals, regulators, businesses and the community. ECC is committed to increase spend with certified social enterprises to support jobs for disadvantaged youth and vulnerable people. Let us know how we can help you with your next project.

  • ECC is committed to increasing our spend on social enterprises to un-tap potential in generating positive mental health outcomes and sustainable social impact
  • For over 10+ years our team has been innovating health solutions, streamlining processes into automating workflows for government and health organisations
  • ECC is committed to support government and community to promote better health outcomes for all Australians

Broadcasting, Media & Telecommunications (BMT)​

The broadcasting, media & telecommunications providers depend on software-based services to engage customers, monitor assets, automate processes, drive innovation, and unlock business insights. ECC is a trusted provider to several of Australia’s largest critical infrastructure assets, we provide mission critical services to assist field service teams to ensure these assets and services are always available and responsive. We monitor broadcast sites, assets and equipment and turn events into actionable alerts so engineering teams, IT teams and third party providers can rapidly identify and remediate the root cause. Unlike legacy event based systems that are static, our solution accesses live data feeds and applies machine learning to correlate events, adapting automatically to evolving live environments. The solution provides comprehensive field engineering capabilities, eliminates paper-based forms, removes duplicated effort across teams and integrates all core business, operational and engineering functions within a single platform and single view. Let us help you with your next service management project.

  • Seamless streaming
  • Transmission transformation


ECC’s suite of products provides the Transport industry with full control over their IT resources. The reputation of government and private Transport providers is underpinned by their reliability and their ability to meet service levels for their customers. We transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT, supporting Transport in operations and service management. Addressing road safety challenges, ECC has partnered with international and leading experts to bring about system improvements, transformation and human behavioural technologies that achieve a positive impact. Contact ECC today to discuss your behavioural transformation project.

  • Safety focus
  • Human behavioural technologies

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The Department of Education turned to ECC to undertake a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture review with the objective to maximise investment, increase capabilities, reduce risk and ensure alignment to their Schools Digital Strategy (SDS). ECC provided a review of their Enterprise Architecture that included over 100 applications, 30+ data domains, analysis of over 300 data flows, data models and applications to support 800,000 students and 2,200 schools. We facilitated workshops with over 60 participants from architecture, data owners, policymakers, information security and business SME’s to document recommendations and a 5-year roadmap. Contact ECC to ask about our Education sector innovation and expertise. ECC also put in place new student, teacher, staff and vendor support service systems. ECC is also delivering a solution along with providing innovative ways to track usage of assets, making it easier for local communities and groups to utilise facilities during non-critical school times.

  • Social license to operate
  • Asset utilisation framework


Local Government

ECC is committed to supporting councils to create positive social, environmental and economic change. ECC works closely with councils to design and implementing easy to configure digital solutions. We help councils reduce manual workflows, improve processes for lodgement, assessment and determination and reduce duplication across processes involving council staff, regulators, businesses and community. ECCs’ team won a recent Premiers Award for job creation, rolling out a digital solution to over 100 councils to support and accelerate the process of setting up cafes, bars and restaurants, saving business owners significant time and cost savings. Contact ECC to discuss how we can implement easy to use and configurable solutions to drive your council’s strategy and operational plan.

State Government

ECC is committed to helping state government agencies to deliver on their strategic priorities and policy commitments in economic and social development, international relation through strengthening digital engagement between government and the community. We lead, innovate and deliver whole of government digital and ICT programs. The scope of our vision is broader than just one government agency, we work closely with business sponsors to collaborate with other agencies and partners to deliver inclusive and integrated digital solutions that provide positive outcomes for local employment, diversity and sustainability that generate benefits for the government and the state.

  • Better regulation & compliance
  • Scalable customer solutions

Federal Government

The Commonwealth government has a significant role to play in leading Australia’s economic recovery after Covid-19. ECC is dedicated to support the Commonwealth in realising the benefits that new technologies provide, making sure no-one is left behind, we know we must work together to achieve this. ECC was invited by the MBR Program and Commonwealth Business Registry Service (ATO) to provide strategic advice to the ATO, DIIS and ABR, ABN and ASIC on modernisation the Commonwealth data assets and registries with the objective to rationalise and merge data to achieve cost efficiencies for business services, including a new national director identity number (DID). ECC has a suite of digital offerings supporting Commonwealth agencies. Ask us how we can help with your next project.

  • Efficient innovative & creative solutions


ECC has a role in the sustainable management and conservation of Australia’s environment. We are committed to minimising our own ecological footprint by pursuing environmental best practice and the prevention of pollution in office management and general operations as set out in our national Sustainability Policy. Further, ECC is committed to supporting the Australian Government as it drives improvements in the environmental performance of Australian Government departments and agencies, by providing advice on digital solutions and workflows and recommendations on how to access and use relevant environmental management data from around the world.

  • Shifting the climate change debate
  • Strengthened environmental security


We support energy markets that are well-regulated, ECC provides Governance, Risk & Compliance and billing solutions to support this regulation and provide the transparency needed by the government. We support the Australian Government’s encouragement of new reliable supply and technology, investing in new ways to make our energy system cleaner and more efficient. We have a number of solution offerings that are event-driven, manage and monitor assets and are highly configurable integrating with enterprise software and finance systems. Contact ECC today to find out how you can increase productivity and achieve significant cost savings across your operations, energy infrastructure, organisation and teams in the field.

  • Community energy attitudes are changing
  • Stable policies support innovators & employment

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Implications of globalisation for the retail industry and the appropriateness of current policy settings provide an environment where businesses need to constantly pivot and re-evaluate decisions. There is increasing pressure on retailers to change and adopt to customer preferences and behaviour. ECC can assist retailers to leverage digital solutions to address consumer demands for sustainable operations and environmental sustainability. ECC has off the shelf platforms for retailers to target customers and can confidently and transparently respond to these demands so they can grow their business.

  • Protect retailer and consumer information
  • Evolving consumer shopping experience


ECC supports competitive and efficient markets that work for the good of consumers and investors, a secure financial system and sound corporate practices. ECC has a tailored platform for the Banking and Finance sector that incorporates regulatory reforms and local policies that bring together teams and drive alerts and actions to improve the resilience of the financial system, innovation and consumer outcomes. The scale and importance of this sector are only matched by the need for constant monitoring and reporting, by ensuring minimal interruptions to systems and customer information.

  • Working within regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Harmonise and transform work practises


The Australian insurance sector can be divided into three components: life insurance, general insurance and health insurance. Some general insurance is provided by government schemes or government insurers such as Compulsory Third Party (CTP) motor insurance, worker’s compensation, disability cover, and health cover, depending on the state of residence and insurance required. Along with the financial industry, the insurance industry impacts all Australians so offering safe, secure and value for money products and services requires sophisticated and robust governance, risk and compliance systems and processes, ECC and our partner ServiceNow offer comprehensive insurance solutions that meet complex regulatory requirements.

  • Making insurances
    affordable again
  • Sophisticated governance risk and compliance systems


ECC has expertise including stringent forensic processes that deliver community and stakeholder engagement programs. We aim to improve the lives of many Australians and to support the important work undertaken in this sector. Furthermore, we use evidence-based methodologies and workflows to help our clients identify bottlenecks and processes that can be removed or improved to speed up decision making, cut through red tape and become more efficient. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients are better placed to meet the increasing needs of their customers.

  • Forensic and evidence-based methodologies and workflows
  • Enhancing our egalitarian national values


Like many other industries impacted by the pandemic this year, the aviation sector has experienced a detrimental amount of job losses, restructures, liquidation, and restrictions on people travelling abroad and even across our internal state and territory borders. The road to recovery for this industry will require a rethink on its pricing structures, health and safety, routes, and capability to remain viable. ECC has worked with a major airline for its System Design and Architecture, HR Management Systems and other Incident Management Systems and Services. Using the latest available software, ECC has configured workflows, UI and customise ServiceNow applications (and many more) to meet the challenging needs of this industry.

  • Meet consumer demands using active framework and governance structures
  • Modernise and integrate networks and systems


Australia, like many other nations, faces complex security challenges and greater uncertainty in our strategic environment. Our region, the Indo‐Pacific, is experiencing a period of unprecedented transformation as the distribution of economic and political power shifts to our region. The White Paper highlights that Australia’s security and prosperity will continue to be tied directly to the security and stability of our region and the maintenance of a rules‐based global order. Of the six key drivers, ECC recognises that the cyber threat to Australia is growing, and so similar Australian digital and technology organisations to ECC stand ready (cyber & fixed) to meet the governments building of a highly capable force. To protect our security and prosperity and respond to the strategic challenges over the coming decades, ECC is delivering a future application development framework that is potent, agile and ready to respond to where our interests are engaged.

  • Building a highly capable defence force
  • Australian security and prosperity

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