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Award-Winning Transport Project

SYDNEY NSW, AUSTRALIA 30 AUGUST 2019: EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) is proud of the work our people do and the contribution they make to projects, which is why we’re delighted our Group Marketing Communications Executive Gemma Schlosrich supported Transport for New South Wales with their Rail Operations Centre (ROC) program.

A historic first for Australia, the ROC, is a $400M state-of-the-art nerve centre, which will help Sydney Trains to run its network more efficiently, improve punctuality, and achieve faster incident recovery.

Critical to the program was the alignment and vision of the Change and Communication activities, which would directly impact up to 800 staff, and inform the remaining 12,000 staff at Sydney Trains. The program soon became a beacon of intelligent transport systems, capturing the future state of transport command and control centers for Australia.

Winner 2019 Australian Rail Association

In June 2019, the ROC won the Employee Engagement category, reflecting the spirit of co-operation and respect between a business and its employees. 

Stakeholder engagement

The critical nature of this project required sensitive stakeholder consultation to keep parties involved and updated on the construction and change activities.

Community: Construction activities impacted local residents. Regular community communications were issued, including newsletters, complaints response, letters, ministerial correspondence, community open days, inquiries.

Impacted staff: Project materials were developed to support change activities. With staff relocating to the ROC or changing roles, face-to-face engagement was key, with roadshows, town halls, briefings, workshops, presentations, and tours all successfully received.

Executives: Three sponsors represented core business functions: people, operations, and delivery. Together they ensured accountability, success, and integration of the ROC within the rail agency. 

Agency and staff: All communication activities were managed using over 20 corporate channels, including Workplace by Facebook, e-newsletters, printed magazines, project intranet pages, government website, directorate emails, staff letters, briefings, videos and more.

What was delivered?

Within six months, over 100 quality communication materials were delivered.

  • Over 50 Executive-led and ROC project emails.
  • VIP events (Community, Minister, Secretary, NSW Premier).
  • 20 Staff fact sheets.
  • 10 Staff and Manager FAQs.
  • Multiple Briefing packs.
  • 50 roadshow events, facilitation sessions, and briefings.
  • Rail Union correspondence and presentations.
  • 3 community open days (over 500 guests).
  • 5 Posters, 1 desk guide, 2 Infographics.
  • 15 Newsletters.
  • 1 dedicated intranet site.
  • 20 digital videos.


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