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Coca-Cola Amatil Australia and New Zealand

ServiceNow HR Portal Implementation

ECC’s ServiceNow Technical Consultant was engaged to configure a ServiceNow HR Portal and Knowledge management to replace the manual HR processes, scanned documents and files.


  • A single integrated ServiceNow Portal for 14,000 staff across Australia and New Zealand.
  • The portal specifically for HR management – offboarding and onboarding, pay-slip request, training modules, resources and tools.
  • Complexities around ‘time zone’ visibility were managed to support the audit/accuracy of materials and information across the two countries.
  • Customised staff profiles resulted in specific knowledge management articles delivered for different roles/countries.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) based on country public holidays specifications.
  • 20 HR forms and templates built to support resourcing, tools and reporting.


  • Moving from manual to automated HR Portal was innovative.
  • Mailbox accounts integrated into a single system, which improved processes, customer service, SLAs and reporting.


  • One complete HR Portal built.
  • Multiple mailboxes integrated into a single system.


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