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Compass Group Service Catalogues

Service Catalogue Portal

Compass Group wanted to move away from manual services and move towards a mobile, real-time register of activities for their workforce.  ECC’s Senior ServiceNow Technical Architect was engaged to develop a single digital solution.


  • A complex set of deliverables was delivered, using a customised ServiceNow Platform, accessible via the Mobile App
  • Compass Groups’ ServiceNow Portal provided technical solutions across their departments including Catering, HR, Safety, Maintenance and Operations teams.
  • Data clean up, preparation and move towards a normalized model of managing data, in readiness for migration to ServiceNow.
  • The portal provided field service requests, catering requests, maintenance forms, occupational health and safety risks/incidents and more.
  • A feature of the Portal was the end of month reporting and dashboards which provided real-time insights for each department.


  • ServiceNow was unique to Compass Group, providing mobile and real-time access to the remote workforce, for the first time.
  • At the time of development, a unique solution and benefit was off-line access. This enabled staff in remote/rural locations, with no Wi-Fi, to log jobs or incidents without delay. When the mobile was back in range, the task would synch with the ServiceNow database.


  • ServiceNow Portal.
  • ServiceNow Mobile App.
  • Integration of applications and modules across five directorates.


  • The ServiceNow Portal enabled all incidents and risks to be immediately reported on, with workflows pushing immediate reviews to select teams.
  • Triage within the OHS ticketing systems enabled processes and/or actions to provide remote and immediate advice or action.


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