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Department Health & Human Services Co-Design Achieves 100% Acceptance

ECC’s Co-Design Achieves 100% Acceptance with Victoria’s Councils

Led by the Department Health & Human Services (DHHS) and the Food Safety Unit, ECC facilitated over 50 workshops with representatives from 79 councils that included Environmental Health staff, policymakers, economic development roles (small business), SME’s, food safety regulators, industry and DHHS staff.

ECC put together a comprehensive and inclusive workshop program to enable an optimised collaboration and co-design environment for councils to explore ideas and agree on standardisation, endorse prototypes and collectively agree on consistent processes on how regulatory activities should be managed within a digital solution under the Food Act 1984 and other legislation.


  • Business requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • Use experience prototypes
  • RegTech Insights & recommendations
  • Exec Presentations.


  • Our digital solution has been reviewed and co-designed by Victoria’s 79 Councils, encouraging a single online solution for all of Victoria.
  • ECC has expert knowledge on FoodTrader business requirements and non-functional requirements, understanding these through the eyes of the small business owner, council users, DHHS and other stakeholders, ensuring alignment to legislation and FSANZ.


  • 79 Councils
  • 50 face-to-face workshops
  • 97%+ attendance and acceptance


  • As a result of the work completed at DHHS and NSW Food Authority, ECC is able to present a robust food safety taxonomy for DHHS.
  • Guided by DHHS, ECC is equipped to implement a Food Safety Reporting Framework for Victoria addressing Food Act 1984 reporting requirements.
  • ECC supported DHHS to set up multi-state input and collaboration opportunities including a future national regulation partnership for food safety in Australia.


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