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Department of Education Architecture Review

Enterprise Architecture Review & Recommendations

The Department of Education (DoE) requested a complete Enterprise Architecture review of services, to document and map DoE and all Public School (P-12) School Information Systems (SIS), Student Administration and corporate applications (internal and external systems).  ECC made recommendations and roadmaps to align the DoE to the new Schools Digital Strategy 2019 – 2026.


  • Mapped and documented current state and identified the Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture and Technology Architecture required to support and deliver on their new digital strategy.
  • ECC also identified short, medium and long-term recommendations focused on the below objectives.
    • Maximised the value of the investment.
    • Modernised and future proofed the solution for the next ten years
    • Reduced the complexity
    • Improved operability, support and maintenance of the suite
    • Quick turn-around time to meet school needs
    • Discovered concerns and pain points
  • Identified remediation options for each identified pain point.
  • Proposed a roadmap and an action plan for improvements.


  • Unique to DoE, ECC delivered a Findings & Recommendations Report as well as a 5-year roadmap including a detailed Gantt Chart on immediate and medium-term activities to support their immediate business objectives and digital strategy.


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