EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) provides a holistic experience, from technical strategies and digital implementation, through to project management and advisory services. Our teams guarantee the results you need to deliver on your digital agenda.

Digital & Cloud Strategy

EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) works closely with private and public sector executives and organisations to identify digital transformation objectives to significantly improve customer experience, engagement, services and profitability.

We co-develop an innovative Digital Strategy and put an action plan in place to ensure you address your transformation objectives and achieve a return on investment, including cost savings.

Our team help you create a seamless brand experience across all touchpoints, digital channels and devices and we will do it cost-effectively. We also work with you to develop scalable and easily maintainable and secure architecture frameworks using cloud services ensuring you meet your service level agreements to your customers, contractors and suppliers.

We can help you achieve the following transformation objectives:

  • Enhancing the digital customer and end-user experience to improve loyalty, revenues, productivity and retention.
  • Transforming business processes to reduce costs, improve productivity, integrate supply-chain partners and differentiate offerings.
  • Simplifying service management to reduce complexity, solve issues before they occur, and gain visibility and control over assets.
  • Optimising infrastructure and operations to improve agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Deriving insights from analytics to make better decisions, improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantage

Typical deliverables include:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Customer Service Strategy
  • Transformation Initiatives & PMO Set up
  • Customer Analytics
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Digital Roadmap
  • Cloud Application assessment & selection
  • Social Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Omni-channel Strategy
  • Executive & Steering Committee presentations

User Research & Design

User research is an essential part of the design process and often overlooked by designers. It helps uncover important and useful insights about the user and their needs. Until you know your user and their needs, emotions, feelings, and pain points you won’t be able to deliver a great user experience.

Our skilled team work with your people, customers, staff and third parties to understand how they interact now and as part of a future Digital solution or ecosystem. We look at your customer and user experiences and redesign the services, reimagine the processes and business models to provide better insight and intimacy with your customers.

Our services include:

  • Conducting in-depth interviews with your users and stakeholders to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Identifying any performance gaps, reviewing work patterns, business operational models, workflows and systems.
  • Develop prototypes, possible solutions and visualise opportunities, constantly seeking feedback
  • Strategic change management impact assessments to support operational management to understand and make informed decisions about the business and workforce impact along the Digital journey
  • Identify your key services and functions, transform your customer catalogue into service design and offerings, and simplify your websites, portals and dashboards.
  • Provide latest insights on new platforms, emerging technology and RPA and AI
  • Improving your reach to the customer with other channels such as AI, voice, chat and conversational design
  • Creating a Knowledge strategy, workflow, approval process and advising on meta tags and how to write Knowledge article for effective customer service.

Typical deliverables include:

  • Digital Strategic and Directional Change
  • User Experience Design
  • Prototyping / paper / digital / native
  • Service Strategy, Design and Catalogues
  • Human and User Centre Design
  • Customer Intimacy and Sentiment
  • Transformation to Virtual Call Centres
  • Portal Design and Dashboards
  • Work Pattern Reinventing for AI
  • Omni-channel and Multi-brand Experience
  • Voice, Chat and Conversational Design

Lean Transformation

We transform businesses by developing their lean capabilities and embedding technological building blocks into their value streams. Lean businesses develop their capabilities and processes continuously as part of their culture.

Continuous improvement allows lean companies to align their activities flexibly, according to business strategy. As a consequence of this holistic alignment, private and public sector organisations achieve relatively high-performance levels compared to their competitors. We review current state processes and help clients streamline operations to achieve efficiencies and improve service levels by introducing technology and new ways of working.

We will help you improve the following:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Cycle times
  • Output capacity
  • Cost savings
  • Process capability
  • Organisational viability
  • Revenue potential

We do so by looking at the following themes:

  • Customer complaints
  • Social media interactions
  • Cycle time or responsiveness
  • Capacity constraints
  • Ineffective or defective services
  • Services or product refunds and warranty costs

We will provide the following for you:

  • Voice of the Customer Playbacks
  • Organisation Operating Model Redesign
  • Shared Services Operating Model Redesign
  • Value Chain Process Improvement
  • Service Integration and Design
  • People, Process Workflow Design and Improvements
  • Current and Future State Process Mapping
  • Process Maturity and Digital Roadmap

ServiceNow Services

As a ServiceNow Partner, we work closely with you to unlock the value of ServiceNow capabilities. We co-design and co-develop solutions to expand the service management, operations, security, employee workflows, risk management and customer service capabilities. We align data, people and strategy to drive business outcomes to achieve success.

Our services include

  • Migration of legacy ITSM systems to the ServiceNow platform, we will seamlessly migrate your business-critical data
  • Delivery services – including establishing your requirements, change management needs, defining customisations and integrations needed and developing your ServiceNow implementation plan.
  • End-User Portals – Working closely with you to develop and make available a self-service portal to access workplace applications
  • Provide advice on the latest ServiceNow innovations including the Now Mobile app, Guided app creation, Intelligent chatbot, Codeless integrations, Machine learning
  • Customisation of the following ServiceNow products and workflows
  • IT Service Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • IT Business Management
  • Asset Management
  • DevOps
  • Security Operations
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  • HR Service Delivery
  • Finance Operations Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Interactive best practice KPIs and dashboards. We will unlock immediate value with dashboards specifically tuned for measuring your ServiceNow processes and applications. We will tap into industry‑leading metrics and benchmarks that will guide and improve your performance.

ServiceNow Integrations
We seamlessly integrate the following with ServiceNow:

  • Active Directory, LDAP, custom IDAM solutions
  • SAP, ERP and CRM, CMS and other third-party systems,
  • BMC Remedy, Pega,
  • IoT Solutions,
  • Email services,
  • Payment Gateways,
  • Cloud providers,
  • IFS integrations,
  • Monitoring tools integration,
  • Jira and other Atlassian products.

Data Management

The private and public sector is realising the value of adopting big data and leveraging analytics to drive improvements in service delivery, organisational efficiencies and informed decision making.

Organisations need to establish clear data governance and infrastructure practices which in turn will inform their organisational strategies and achieve a positive movement in policy and service delivery.

We help our clients develop strong data and Information governance strategy and framework to drive operational excellence. We assist our customers to leverage best practice data management to enable

  • Effective and efficient integrated service delivery models
  • Realise new value from existing information
  • Manage the risks around the use of information within siloed and shared systems
  • Assure the quality of the Information
  • Increase collaboration across business units and external partners
  • Increase agility to respond faster to changes in external influences and legislation.

We specialise in helping organisations move systems and workforces into the cloud and to set up the right foundations to ensure successful data warehouse / data-lake implementations.

Our services include:

  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Data and Information Governance Strategy
  • Migration and Risk Mitigation
  • Governance and Quality
  • Security, Classification and Privacy
  • Warehouse and Master Data
  • Modelling and Design
  • Storage and Operations
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

Future Workplaces

We’re shaping today’s workforce and workplaces for tomorrow, by co-designing cultural models, transformation strategies and workplace environments. Our friendly team will help you achieve an involved and engaged workforce, ready and prepared for a digital future.

Our services include:

  • Redefining workplace culture to increase collaboration, productivity and worker satisfaction
  • Optimising and using technology, flexibility and mobility to support teleworking and churn management
  • Using space more efficiently which can reduce property costs and assist in meeting the organisations/Governments occupational density target.
  • Environmental benefits related to reducing the size of the required property portfolio and teleworking thereby reducing energy consumption and emissions
  • Meeting heritage obligations and demonstrating best practice.

Our typical deliverables include:

  • Future Workplace Strategy
  • Agile Workplace Implementation Plan
  • Culture Engagement and Leadership Models
  • Enterprise Change Management and Organisational Structures
  • Skills Matrix and Future State Capability
  • Digital Transition – Physical to Virtual Roles
  • Transformational People Strategy and Planning
  • Employee Change Gap and Impact Analysis
  • Quick Reference Guides and FAQs

Digital Marketing & Communications

Building brand, reputation and sentiment by using the right marketing mix is our forte. We co-design campaigns and collateral, so you can achieve cut-through and call to action of your narrative, with tangible results.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Management Platforms and Dashboards
  • Key Messages, Stories and Narratives
  • PR, Media, Award Submissions
  • Reputation and Crisis Management
  • Campaign Effectiveness and Metrics
  • Customer Sentiment, NPS and Surveys
  • Brand and Channel Management
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis