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AUSTRALIA 22 July 2020: The EnterpriseCreativeCloud (ECC) team are providing increased change and workforce transformation capabilities, as a result of continued digital developments and demands.

According to the Australian Government, the Digital Infrastructure package is estimated to increase Australia’s GDP by $6.4 billion a year by 2024 and around $1.5 billion of this additional economic activity is estimated to flow to regional Australia each year. (Source:

Ross Peacock Director of Digital Products, Services and Cloud Solutions said ECC is increasing its transformation services to customers, communities and staff as a result of rising government and private inquiries to fulfil digital strategies and initiatives to be rolled out over the coming five to ten years.

“ECC has accumulated significant change, transformation and consultative experience in Australia and overseas. Our team have consulted at the state and local level across Victoria on new digital initiatives; provided staff and community COVID-19 engagement for the south west of England’s emergency services; delivered the Service NSW service centre program; led digital programs for NSW’s small businesses and won the hearts and minds of staff through engagement activities for Australia’s first Rail Command and Control Centre and Enterprise Agreement campaigns.

“Our stakeholder engagement and transformation team complement ECC’s core offering — Future Workplaces, Cloud and Advisory Services,” said Ross.

Led by Ben Johnson, ECC’s Director of Strategy, Engagement and Partners said as a result of shifting organisational strategies and workforce models, clients are looking to create realistic shifts and acceptance in digital behaviour.

“Our team identify the important end-to-end activities for senior government officials, leadership teams, staff and customers throughout the digital transformation journey. We co-design the approach to ensure tailoring, relevance, and sustainability. Change and transformation do not happen overnight, but over time,” said Ben.

The ECC team has experience in co-designing proven change and transformation solutions to deliver better outcomes for leaders, staff, communities and customers. Their portfolio of work has successfully delivered once-in-a-generation change for the NSW Government, the Victorian Government, and the Queensland Government.


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