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The Future of Workplaces and Digital Health

BLOG: SYDNEY NSW, AUSTRALIA 20 MARCH 2020: In the face of rising COVID-19 concerns, businesses large and small are updating or implementing their future workforce mobility strategies as they manage the importance and sustainability of employee and corporate health.

We know that over half the employee workforce is working remotely, for at least half of their working week, but why are Australian’s behind the curve?

Research suggests it’s down to lack of process, technology and/or traditional thinking (source: IWG Report, 2019; ABC News, 2018).

What has been your experience?

Making digital work

Future workplaces empower employees to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device; so long as they are supported by the right technology and tools that enable teams to be agile.

As a result, employees are provided with the freedoms of increased culture, with teams working in the spirit of virtual collaboration, with increased innovation and reduced turnover (source: Forbes, 2020).

ECC is a digital leader in cloud products and as a ServiceNow partner, we are experienced at building future workplaces. For more information on how we can support your business, get in touch with us today.

Advanced Workplace Strategies

As more companies embrace the buzz of a future workplace and disband traditional office ideologies, or in today’s world — respond to a global virus outbreak, staff are encouraged or managed, to work differently.

To support an employee or workforce transition, ECC provides clients with an advanced workplace strategy (AWS) through thoughtful and properly positioned staff consultation. 

AWS is a significant driver for nurturing talent, recruiting talent, and achieving retention benefits.

In our opinion and through our decades of experience, the recipe for achieving sustainable and successful Future Workplaces includes accepted Office Design, with collaborative and functional open-space design, strategic and well thought through desk allocations; access to efficient IT (servers, systems, and tools); guidance for your people and managers through effective HR Policies and finally, but importantly, a supportive and leading Culture exemplified by an equally engaged and visible executive.

Keep in Mind

  • Bridge the emotional gap: Companies will lose touch with their employees, at the expense of bottom-line savings or poorly considered geographical initiatives if they don’t find a way to stay connected and keep high performing teams on track.
  • Change traditional thinking: Today companies and freelancers can choose to work from home or at shared workspaces. So, instead of marching employees off to unwanted, remote or hostile locations, consider a virtual office.

Our ECC teams are encouraged to use co-location sites and our group executive is consulting from the UK.

Bridge the Gap

Imagine what can be achieved when people work outside the confines of a traditional business model, and what does a successful mobile workforce look like?

  • Are leaders working from home and leading by example with strong communication, or perhaps tips and tricks on how they achieve their goals?
  • Are your HR and IT policies clear and are your employees really informed and engaged around how they are empowered to work?
  • Invest, invest, and invest in the social and technology tools that help your teams stay connected while working remotely.
    • Facebook’s Workplace is great, for keeping teams connected, so long as it’s properly managed. Trello helps you to manage collaborative workstream items. Google hangouts, Teams and Zoom are also great for visual meetings and chats, as is Slack.
    • ServiceNow is a cloud product that helps teams work smarter together by reimagining every process as a digital workflow — which in turn boosts productivity, supercharges apps with predictive intelligence, and extends workflow apps.
  • Share your success stories, celebrate your new and existing team members, and encourage team virtual team building. People love to hear about people!
  • People are at the heart of your business, so take the time (and money) to enjoy the events, gatherings, and celebrations when they happen!

ECC is a ServiceNow partner, providing leading transformation strategy, digital solutions, and cloud products. Our teams are experienced at building future workplaces.

For more information on how we can support your business, get in touch with us today.


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